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VIR race report

I got back from Homestead and it took me a few days to get things caught up with R&R. That's my real job and what pays for the racing so it had to be done before I could get things ready for VIR. Luckily I have a buddy here named Bill that was willing and able to come over and give me a hand to help get things ready. We had to switch motors in the #76 bike and we were entered to run the #37 as well under Old Pros Racing. One problem was we didn't even have body work for the other bike. With only two weeks between Homestead and VIR we were under the gun.

Well everything we needed arrived just in time and we got things together at the last minute. “A habit I can't seem to break” Another all night drive to VIR and we were ready. Well little did I know the bad luck was still hanging around. Both the #76 and #37 bikes went out right at the start of practice. The #37 was a brand new bike and had never been on the track. We needed all the track time we could get because none of us had ever been to VIR before. Then it started. The bad luck I mean. Just a few laps out Paul didn't come around. Oh boy, well maybe it's nothing bad. I was ready and waiting to go out and have a look around at the track. Then here he came, it didn't look to bad. Oh wait its bad. Paul had just gone down the fast back straight and thought the brakes didn't feel right. He decided to pull in and check things out. Well as he topped the hill at the slow right there were no brakes. He tried to turn in but lost the front. We found out later that the brake line was broke at the banjo fitting. Thanks to the Lloyd brothers team for loaning us some brake lines. We didn't have any spares with us and it would have put that bike out for the weekend.

So anyway there went that track time on the #37 bike. Mike went out on the #76 bike and got in some good laps. Then Woody went out on it. When he came back in it was agreed that we need to make some suspension and gearing changes. They went back out and it was better. Then a few more changes and better again. It's tough to try to set a bike up and learn a new track at the same time. But Mike and Woody are both true pros and did great.

Mean while we worked on the #37 and got it back race ready. Although not to pretty it worked. We were able to get it out in our only practice the next day and work on set up. It was pretty good considering it was new and had never been to the track before. I would really like to thank Aprilia for making such a great bike right out of the box. We did find out that the rear spring was to soft for both me and Paul. So we're both some what healthy shall we say. But we didn't have another spring so we had to make due. Things were really looking good for the #76 and we were 3 rd or 4 th fastest.

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