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Homestead race report

Well I know it's been a long time coming, but I have been real busy. We now have a long break before the Road America and Iowa rounds. So here is an update on what has been going on.

For Homestead I got things finished up here and the truck loaded just in time for a non stop 22 hour trip. I left here at 9:00 pm and arrived in Homestead at 7:00 pm the night before the race. Isn't that the way everybody does it?

Things were looking pretty good when we got there. We went out for the “promoter practice” an extra $150. You really have to do it because with Moto-ST you only get one practice and that is just not enough to make changes if you need them. The bike was running strong and the setup was pretty good so things were looking up. We did change a few things, there again you really want to be careful. With the limited track time if you go the wrong way with changes then the only time to set it back is during the race.

In practice I think we were 3 rd or 4 th fastest so we were right were we wanted to be. Our pit stops were really going good. We could change the rear tire and fuel in less than 20 seconds. We have a great bunch of guys that get their selves to the track and volunteer their time to help me out. I sure couldn't do it with out them.

When the race got underway we were running in 4 th I think. We knew how far we could stretch the fuel and we were going to put a new tire on the rear every stop. We had a pretty good plan in place and it seemed to be working. We were watching the other teams ahead of us. One by one they made their first pit stops. None of them changed a tire and their 2 nd rider was slower than their first, plus the fact that they would have a tire that was going away. Both of our riders were just as fast as the other and they would be on fresh rubber. We were the last of the front runners to make a pit stop. So we inherited the lead and then made our stop. All went as planned and we rejoined is 2 nd place. Dave started the race and handed off to Mike. Mike was running about a second a lap faster than the leader and was only 6 seconds behind. It looked like we would be in the lead in just a few laps. Then it happened, here he came into the pits. We had a problem with the rear axel. Even though the nut felt tight it wasn't all the way. We had a cross threaded nut. It was an easy fix and we were back under way. It cost us some time sure but it was early in the race and we could make it up. Everyone still had high hopes. Then here he came again down pit road. He stopped in front of us and twisted the throttle. Opps that doesn't sound good at all, the engine was making a very definite your race is over sound. So I gave him the old finger across the throat signal and our weekend was over.

Like they say that's racing.


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